First off, thanks for being a 121 Connector.  Together, we can bring Christ's hope to the nations.  Your efforts make an eternal difference to those finding Christ on the Internet.

What are our priorities?

First, we want to be sure that every inquirer finds an answer for the spiritual need that drove them to one of our evangelistic websites.

Second, we want to help them locate a local church that will help them to grow in their faith.

If you have an inquirer in the United States or in a few selected countries, we have access to a great tool: the Church Finding tool at  Click the link here to check it out.  If your inquirer comes from outside of the selected countries tab, click the "Contact Supervisor" tab in your messaging window or e-mail me at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

We are also interested in discipling those who are not able to access a local church. We provide you with a large pool of discipleship resources to help your inquirer grow in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. We are extremely grateful to our friends at Global University for making Global Reach resources available to us.  We are also very happy to have inquirers use the discipleship materials from new which are available to them under the "resources" tab  at, the log in site for our inquirers.

The resources below are in the Reply Templates you will see when you reply to an Inquirer.   Please do not delete these paragraphs!

1. Visit Walk with Jesus. This is Step 2 in The Jesus Path on our online church called Global Christian Center. This short video series will help you take your first steps as a follower of Jesus Christ. It will provide Bible answers to your questions and direct you to build your new life in a way that honors Christ.

2. Join Global Friend Link. This Christian social network will connect you with believers worldwide. You can share prayer requests, share stories of what God is doing in your life, be encouraged, and be inspired to serve Christ.

Remember to check out the Home page at for more information.

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