Reply Templates 

We have provided reply templates to help you in your response to Inquirers and to promote further discipleship. We encourage you to leave these templates in place but they can be added to if you feel the need to include additional information. It is possible to add additional links to the template if you know of a resource that may be helpful to the Inquirer. One word of caution, if you direct an Inquirer to an "outside resource", please be sure the resource is doctrinally sound and if the resource is of a none religious nature that the resource is sound in the information it provides. 

The reply templates change based upon what response button the Inquirer clicked on.  We have attempted to make the template as personal as possible, the system will automatically place your "Prefered" name in the template and the name of the Inquirer. You will see this note in the template: [Delete last name add an answer and write a prayer] We want to make each response as personal as possible. All ways address the question or prayer request written by the Inquirer! It is ok to use previously used responses of if they are appropriate to the current Inquirer's need. However please be careful when pasting in previously used messages that they don't have "programming symbols" that would lead someone to think this is not a personal message to them.  

Here are the four types of response templates:

  1. Thank you for your salvation decision.
  2. Thank you for your recommitment
  3. Thank you for sharing your question
  4. Responding to your prayer request

Important Points to Consider:

  • Please answer appropriately, with prayer and wisdom.
  • Please do not share personal medical, naturopathic, psychological, or financial advice.
  • Answer Inquirer's questions based on Biblical principles, if possible give a scriptual reference.
  • Encourage the Inquirer to write you back for an ongoing conversation.
  • Remember one of our goals is to lead an Inquirer from an online search to a church where they live.

If you have any questions, please contact the director at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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