Reply Templates -  For Your Convenience

Do not delete the template - especially the Bible Study that is included withe the lesson and the very last paragraph.

In the 121 Connectors reply system we have prepared templates to address the four response buttons on the evangelism sites, such as   A template appears in your 121 Connections reply message when you click on "Reply" in your Inquirer Queue.   This template is as personal as possible, with your name appearing as the one sending the message, including the name of the Inquirer.   If you would like to add a line or two with encouragement and a prayer you would personalize the message even more.

When you hit Reply, one of four templates will appear.

a. Responding to your Decision, - A new commitment.

  • Generally very little editing needs to be done, except if the Inquirer has a comment or question in the Comment box in the upper right corner.

b. Responding to your Re-commitment - An Inquirer who has re-committed to Christ:

  • The same template as a (above).

c. Responding to your Prayer Request - An Inquirer is asking for prayer:

  • Be sure to highlight and delete the line: [INSERT a summary of the inquirers prayer request, and write your prayer:
  • (delete this phrase)] Please write a short prayer, which includes their name and a summary of their request.

d. Responding to your Question -  The Inquirer has a question:

  • Please answer appropriately, with prayer and wisdom.
  • Please do not sharer personal medical, naturopathic, psychological, or financial advice.
  • Answer their question based on Biblical principles stating Book, Chapter and verse and select a Bible Study that is appropriate for the question.
  • Almost in all cases there is a study course in Resources that will answer the question plus much more.
  • Go to your 121 Connections website, place your cursor over Resources, RIGHT click on "Lessons," select "Open in a new tab," highlight and copy the study then paste it into your message in the previous tab.


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