My Messages

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The folders in My Messages contain messages received from or sent to existing inquirers. Existing inquirers are individuals to whom you have already sent an initial reply from the queue.

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My Messages

1.  Messages

The center of the screen shows messages, displaying the inquirer's name, subject line and date of the last message. Click on a message to open it.

2.  Date and Status

3.  Folders

The folders on the left contain your messages. Click a folder name to open it:

Unread message count:  To the right of the folder names is a number in a circle indicating the number of unread messages in this folder.

4.  Move to Folder

To move messages to another folder:

  1. Select message(s) you wish to move by clicking the checkbox to the left of the message.
  2. Click the Move to Folder icon ( MoveToFolderIcon ) to open a drop-down list of folders
  3. Select the destination folder from the drop-down list

5.  Manage Folders

Use this button to open a dialog in which you can create folders. Note that you can only create, rename or delete user-created folders. Before a folder can be deleted, it must be empty. System folders such as Inbox, Outbox and Archives cannot be modified.