What is a queue?

A queue is a holding place for inquiries waiting to receive a response.  The queue contains new inquiries from individuals, who are responding to an evangelism site and writing to us for the first time.

How an inquirer's information comes into a queue

How an inquirer's information comes into the queue

  1. A person visits an evangelism website.
  2. Completes a response form for his/her decision.
  3. Their name, decision, information and comments are forwarded to the appropriate team queue.

Two types of queues:

QueuesGroupAndPersonal 700w

Note to team coaches: Instead of the Personal Queue, you will see "Inquirers Assigned to Individual Connectors On Your Teams."  This will also show inquirers assigned to individuals on your team.


These action icons are shown to the left of an inquirer listed on the queue:

Queue locking

When a Connector begins a reply to an inquirer, that inquirer is then locked or unavailable for other Connectors to answer.  However, if a reply is left unattended for 3 hours, it will be automatically discarded. The inquirer will then be unlocked and return to the group queue so that other Connectors are able to answer.

Difference between Queues and My Messages

Queues contain new inquiries from individuals contacting us for the first time.  When an inquirer replies to us after our initial contact, his or her messages will appear in the Inbox of under My Messages.