In love with a Widow/Widower, how do I treat her/him?

In Psalm 146:9 I read: "The Lord watches over the sojourners;he upholds the widow and the fatherless, but the way of the wicked he brings to ruin."

The advice below was written to a man in love with a widow, and needed to know how to treat her. It will apply to a woman in love with a Widower also.

There are times when God sends a widow a new husband.

He needs to know that she can never forget her first husband, but after his death, there is a period of about two years that she needs to deal with grieving her loss. After that she may be ready to move on and find another husband.

You say you are in love with her.

Treat her gently and kindly, and allow her time to get to know you, before you both are ready for marrieage.

Above all find out if you are both followers of Jesus, not just members of a church. God sees marriage as a covenant you make with Him, God, to be true to your wife.

God sees the widow as free from her last marriage after the death of her husband, but she will still have memories she cherishes.

If she had children from her previous marriage, you need to talk about this, and see what the children feel about your realtionship, these are not easy things to deal with after you marry her, unless you have dealt with this before the marriage.

To learn more about being a real follower of Jesus, you can click the link that reads The Jesus Path, to see a free teaching course for learning how to be a real Christian.

You both might want to read through this and see if you are both in agreement.

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