Staying Connected to Jesus Advice

You ask how to stay connected to Jesus.

When you invite Him into your heart and life, He really does come in. You can talk to Him anywhere, anytime. You can read a chapter from the Bible, you might want to start with the New Testament, by reading each day from the Gospel of John. Here you will learn what Jesus was like, and what He wants us to be like. The word 'Christian' means one like Christ!

Try to take one thing He shows you that you can change in your life, and live it out for Him. One thing at a time, and you will become more and more like and connected to Jesus. Talk to Him and ask for His help to be more like Him.  Ask yourself when in a difficult situation, 'What would Jesus do now?'

Have you found other real followers of Jesus, who are reading the Bible and trying to really live for Him. There must be some in your town. Try and find and fellowship with them and they will encourage you to become more like Jesus.