You say you are 'married' to more than one woman. In some cases this is called Polyamy, or Poligany.


Are you legally married to them, or just living with these women?

Normally, Christians do not have more than one wife; however, if this is a legal arrangement in your country, you are obligated to support each of them and treat them equally.

There is a common practise in many tribal cultures in Africa, where a man is married legally to a wife, recognized by the law of the country, but has also married additional wives under 'Tribal Customs'. This may create a conflict between the status of your 'wives'.

Paul’s advice to someone in a complicated situation as found in 1 Corinthians 7: 20 was, "Let every man abide in the same calling wherein he was called." In that chapter, you will notice that there are several conditions listed, including marriage.

The problem that you have created by marrying more than one women is not unforgiveable; but it is not an ideal situation under the best of circumstances. I really hope that you have made every effort to bring them to Christ.

Some Christian church organizations take a very hard line about multiple wives, and will remove one from membership.


However, the bottom line is that this is between you and God.

Under no circumstances are you to kick a woman out into the street simply because you have several wives. So, I leave this up to you and the grace of God. I believe that you can live a successful Christian life; but you should not encourage others to take more wives.

For a Christian, one is enough; so marry no more, and if you have already married others, you need to take responsibility to support them, with food and clothing and care.

Now, please understand that not everyone will agree with my position on this, particularly Western Christians or those heavily influenced by Western Christians.

Since you are already in this situation, you must accept the facts as they are; and seek God's grace to carry you through.


Be strong, my friend, and serve Jesus who has died for your and my sins and failures. He will help you.

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