"Did Jesus have a wife".

Let me share a couple of things with you. When you read the Gospels, Matt, Mark, Luke and John, you will see the very first miracle He did was to bless a wedding, and He turned water into wine, when they ran out of wine. They did not get drunk, they just had too many guests at the wedding! (John 2:1-11)

Jesus was born of the Virgin Mary, her first born, He was the Son of God. After he was born, Mary had several children by her husband Joseph, including two or more sisters, as is mentioned in the Gospels.

Jesus blessed and approved of marriage.

Did Jesus marry a wife, no! There is no record of Jesus ever having a wife. Neither the Bible, nor History, relate any such thing.

There are writers who wish it was so and have tried to write what they imagined. One story that still circulates is that he never actually died, but revived and stole away and married Mary Magdalene and had children. There is no substance to such stories, but are an attempt to deny the resurrection (coming alive again from the dead in his physical body).

You see He knew the His mission was to be the perfect man.

Jesus knew he would be crucified on the Cross, and so pay for your sins and mine. He knew what God had planned for him, and while even on the cross he gave instructions for the care of his mother, he never married, and had no wife to be left behind after his death.

If He had sinned He could not have payed for our sins. God accepted Jesus death at 33 years of age, on the Cross for your sins, by raising Him from the dead after 3 days and nights. He was seen of more that 500 people after he came alive again, and 40 days after His resurrection He went into the heavens and is still alive, sitting at the right hand of God, to answer your prayers. He told us before He left that He would come back again one day, to take all of those who have trusted Him with having paid for their sins, to live in Heaven with Him.

That is why Jesus never had a wife, because He knew He was here to die for out sins, not to live and have a family here on earth.

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