Should I Marry an HIV+ person

I understand you are wanting a husband. You are currently HIV negative. To marry a man who is HIV positive is a death sentence for you, and will leave your child motherless. This is not God's best plan for you, God has better things for your life. This man may be a good man, but if he is HIV positive, he has been with other women and apart from the danger of infecting you, he may go back to some other woman again, which will hurt you and your child.

Please consider finding a good church, where the people are really followers of Jesus, not just pretending to be Christians. Real followers of Jesus will pray with you and encourage you. You will make new friends, and in time perhaps in God's plan for your life, you will meet a Godly man who is a real follower of Jesus.

I will keep you in prayer, as you make your decision for the life you really need. I have placed a link below in step 3 Walk with Jesus. Clicking on this link will take you to a free teaching on how to walk with Jesus in your life, and make good decisons that will bless you and make you strong in the Lord. 

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