A man  in Africa asked: "When will I meet my partner which I will get"


You have asked him to be your lord.

In our tribal communities, we look to our local Chief to make decisions for us. Your new great Chief is now Jesus. He has the right person for you.

When will you meet her?

This will depend on when Jesus can trust you with the right woman.

Here are some guidelines that may help you.

When you are outside the city, and you need water, you will ask (if you do not already know), where to find good clean water, to drink.

There may be a muddy stream not far away, or a clean spring of water elsewhere. If you want the clean water, that is where you will go to find it.

It is like that in finding a wife.

A good godly woman, will be found in clean places, not in the places where sin and wrongdoing are practised.

I would encourage you to find a good Bible believing church where the people really follow Jesus from their hearts.

There you will grow to be a strong man of God, and perhaps God will lead you to the right church where you will eventually meet the woman you seek.

Jesus can lead you and guide you in your life decisions as you learn to walk with him.