Dating a Girl

"As the son of GOD am I allowed to have a girl friend or I can say to date ? I am a guy, am having feelings for girls and am weak when I see a girl I wish I can propose to her."

We need to talk about this.

The purpose of dating, with a girl, is to get to know her character, and see if she will be a suitable wife, and mother for your life. If you are serious about getting married, and you have the neccesary 'Lobola' for the Bride Price, then there is no restriction as a son of God, on dating.

If you are looking for sex outside of marriage, then God will judge you very harshly, for He created sex, to be only between a married couple. The Bible teaches that God gave man a wife, and encouraged them to have sex, to make children. That is why man has feelings for women.

With that in mind, Paul wrote to the Church in 1Corinthians 7:2 "Because sexual immorality is so rampant, every man should have his own wife, and every woman should have her own husband."

Right now, you can find a girl and if she is willing to have sex with you, then she may have been with other men before you, and be infected with HIV/AIDS, which can kill you, after you have suffered from the sickness for a long time. That is why God said wehave one wife, and only have sex with her.

My friend, you are now looking for a good wife. That is a great goal for your life. You want a lady who will bring you closer to God. A good woman like that will be found in a real live, Bible believing church, not at parties or in dating clubs.

Now, a good godly woman, is going to be looking for a fine godly man, one who is not running to every girl he sees. She will want to know he is serving God with all his heart.

You have taken the first good step, by asking Jesus to be your Lord and Savior. He is the one who brings you closer to God the father. Other people cannot do much for you, except encourage you to follow Jesus.

I encourage you to find a strong Bible believing church, and concentrate on learning to be a man of God, and then let the Lord open the door for marriage to the woman He has for you. She will be looking for a man who will encourage her to come closer to God. So you must not put the cart before the horse! When your life is strong for God, then real godly women will begin to look at you.

This may take time, even as a strong tree takes time to grow, so you need to  grow spiritually, then God will reward you with the right lady. You can do this!

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