TEMPLATES:  Reply - Basic Ground Rules To Observe

1. Please use the templates provided on the reply email page.   Do not delete more than what is in [brackets].    The template has been drafted with purpose and with links to Jesus Path discipleship, Global Friend Link registration and secure login registration.    Please do not share personal medical, naturopathic, psychological, or financial advice.

2. When you hit Reply, one of four templates will appear.  At the beginning of the second paragraph you will see the Inquirers name.   Delete the bracketed info line. Insert a personal note of encouragement depending on what the response was of the Inquirer.   Example:

Mr Amzad Hossain, [Delete last name - add a personal comment or prayer]

a. Responding to your decision - a new commitment

b. Responding to your re-commitment - an Inquirer who has re-committed to Christ

c. Responding to your Prayer Request - Inquirer is asking for prayer - Please write a short prayer, which includes their name and a summary of their request

d. Responding to your Question -  The Inquirer has a question.  Please answer appropriately, with prayer and wisdom. Answer their question based on Biblical principles stating Book, Chapter and verse or select a Bible Study that is appropriate for the question in the "Resources" tab.   On your Reply page, place your mouse cursor over the "Resources" tab on the second to upper bar.   Right click on "Lessons" then left click on "open in a new tab."  A second 121 Connections window will open with a list of Bible Studies you can copy and paste into your email.  Almost in all cases there is a study course in Resources that will answer the question plus much more.


It is important that your work be clear, do not use cultural metaphors or obscure Biblical terminology, or for that matter, "Christian-es," in your communication with your online inquirer. You are helping that person come to a decision concerning Jesus Christ.  As you respond to the online inquirer by email, stop and re-read your reply. Make sure it is clear and simple. Not everyone you respond to will be from your country or language group, so English in most cases, will be a second language for them.  Imagine 4th grade level English.


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