Replying to an Inquirer

Beginning a Reply

From the Queue on your Dashboard page, click the  ReplyIcon  icon next to an inquirer.  A message window titled "Reply to Inquirer" will then open where you can compose your reply.

Reply to Inquirer Window

Reply to this inquirer

1. Templates

Our system will automatically fill in a reply with a template matching the type of decision that was made:  Salvation, Recommitment, Question or Prayer Request. The content in the templates has been carefully planned to help inquirers find resources they need. Please do not modify the template except for the section to insert personal comments (see below).

2. Personal Comments

The template will have a section for you to insert personal comments, answers to the inquirer's questions or written prayers. This is usually between two square brackets [...], which should be deleted and replaced with the text you type.

3. Text Formatting

A row of icons appears at the top of the editor, allowing you to use bolditalics, underline, or other text styling.  You may also insert links to websites.

4. Search 121 Tools

Use this search box in the top right corner to locate content you can use in your replies.  For example, you may search for topics like "depression" or "sin." Click here for more information.

5. Inquirer Information

The inquirer's name, decision, comments and other details appear on the right side.  Note that the location is detected by the IP address of a website visitor and sometimes cannot be determined with complete accuracy.

6. Action Buttons

  • SendButton - Use this button to send your message when ready.
  • SaveButton - Use this button to save a draft of your message.  You may find the message later in your Personal Queue on the Dashboard screen.  
    • Autosave:  While editing, your message is autosaved every 5 minutes.  When this occurs, a symbol like this will briefly appear:   autosaved

    • Important Note about Expiring Draft Messages:  Draft messages automatically expire within 3 hours of your last edit.  If you save a draft message but leave it unattended for 3 hours, the draft message will be lost.  When a Connector begins a reply, the system will lock that inquiry so that other Connectors are unable to simulatenously answer.  Putting a time limit on the response allows the inquiry to become unlocked again, so that other Connectors can respond.  This is to help insure that an inquiry doesn't become locked indefinately on the queue and fails to receive a timely response.

      Note that this 3 hour time limit only applies to messages for new inquirers in the queue.  It does not apply to draft messages for existing inquirers whom you find in your My Messages folders.
  • DiscardButton - This button will close your reply and discard it.  The inquirer will also return to the team queue.

7. Close button

This button will close the message window and discard any unsaved edits you have made.  If you wish to save changes, please use the save button.

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