121Tools Knowlege Base FAQ's

 When you go to the Knowlege Base FAQ's you will see in most of the categories the sub-titles of information helpful to you as a connector wishing to answer a difficult question from an inquirer.

In some of the categories, unfortunately the entire sub-title article appears, so you have to scroll down to find a relevant sub-title article applicable to your need. 

The Director of Content is currently reformatting these sub-titles to make it easier for you to find a sub-category article that you can find by the name of the article, it being more genre' specific to your inquirer's need.

At present the list as it appears in 121Tools Knowlege Base FAQ is now reformatted down to the category of Alcohol. During Dec 2013 we will attempt to complete the reformatting of the rest of the categories.

Thank you for your understanding.

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